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In 1992, a door opened in Kolkata to a room with murals on its walls, dolphins painted on its ceiling, a stage for performances, chairs and tables in rainbow colors, hundreds of books, magazines, puzzles and toys. Curious street children peeked in. Used to dirty back alleys of Park Street, they saw a series of queer alleyways, between shelves lined with books that invited them to come in and explore.

Since that day ie February 26th,1992 the Apeejay Anand Children’s Library set up in loving memory of Anand Paul [1972-1989], became the safe haven that protected their reveries, gave flight to what they had thought, were just fanciful day dreams. Conceptualized as a visually exciting and happy space that draws kids in, Apeejay Anand Children’s Library, has over the years, become a stimulating learning stations.

The mission of the Anand Library grows in more ways than one. Apeejay Trust is directly collaborating with NGOs in other cities who care for urban and poor children. In Delhi - NCR at a 24 hours shelter home for Boys, a 24 hours shelter home for girls run by Salaam Baalak Trust in Gurugram, a 24 hour shelter home for boys in Ghaziabad and at a 24 hour shelter home for girls in Najafgarh run by Salaam Baalak Trust. In Kolkata’s Khidirpur Docks in a Shelter Home run by ApneAap and in Chandigarh at a Shelter Home run by Vatsal Chaya Trust.

Apeejay Anand Children’s Libraries in Salt Lake and Park Street, Kolkata serve as a unique Education Support Program that helps Apeejay Education Trust, under which Apeejay Schools are run, to identify and sponsor education of talented children from underprivileged backgrounds who seek this safe haven. To know more please click here - Anand Library Scholarships

To visit, To donate or To partner with Apeejay Anand Children's Library, , please click here- Support Anand Libraries.


Rita Chatterjee
115 Park Street, Kolkata - 700 016
T:  +91 98302 66272