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Knowledge knows no boundaries, the quest for intellectual excellence spans the globe. Through scholarships that enable young people with potential to travel in search of knowledge, The Paul Foundation opened up new vistas of the mind in 20001.

It is the quality of mind that makes future leaders and based on this belief, The Paul Foundation instituted scholarships to develop the potential among the young and talented in India.

The Paul Foundation, affirmed the Group’s belief that education is the key to building a new future. By creating a window of opportunity for talented young people to pursue their goal of excellence, the Paul Foundation contributed in some measure to the global pool of knowledge.

From 2001 to 2008, 61 scholars benefitted from the Scholarships and we are proud of each one of them.

The Board of Governors resolved on Nov 22nd 2008 to suspend the scholarships programme for 2009 and reorient its focus. The Board announcement that followed said :-

The programme will hereafter address the educational needs of the least privileged and most deprived sections of society.

The emphasis will be on bridging the learning gap, by providing a school learning support programme. The target population will be children from Kolkata's poorest areas, specifically children near and around Park Street, who face the possibility of dropping out of school, either because they cannot afford to continue with their education or because they cannot cope with the academic pressure.

The amended programme will be a support scheme for children who could fall through the cracks and so lose the chance of acquiring through education the capability of recognising opportunity and converting it into a means by which they can change the quality of their lives.

In 2009 the amended program named Anand Paul Education Support Program took shape and was officially announced in 2010.

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